10 Best Long Distance Relationship Advice

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It is important to become part of the life of your girlfriend/boyfriend even if you are miles apart from each other. Try meeting your partner, online or in real life, if possible. This will make it easier to understand your partner and facilitate communication. Together you should make a schedule when you would talk to each other. Apart from chatting and talking online, it is also very important to meet in person once in every three or six months. You can meet your partner and take a week vacation. This is one of the best long distance relationship advice you must keep in mind.


Life can sometimes be hard, unfair and little pretty and know that this can happen to anyone in this world. If you have a problem, talk it as calmly as you can. This way your partner knows that you trust him or her and will make the ties stronger. However, do not always tell about your problems, tell about your joys too. A negative person is not a desirable company.


If both are interested in learning something new, find a way to do more or less the same time. Thus, not only they have another common theme, but may learn some useful skill, a hobby, or something to help them improve in other ways. It will also give a sense of shared history. You can utilize any app like Skype and spend time learning new things. Start a blog (or similar) with the content you can share. In this way, we will have the feeling of creating something together, while giving them a new way to communicate. This is amongst the common long distance relationship advice for making it grow even when people are separated by distance.


Sometimes a small detail to start the day is the difference between a good and a bad day. Big, expensive or impressive thing is not necessary. Each partner knows what the other likes and the pleasant surprises are always welcome. You can just call a local flower shop in your partner’s area and ask them to deliver flowers and a card. You can also online shop any good gift and send it to him/her. Long distance relationship requires lot of love and affection to be shown for making them work. Hence, send these small things once a month to make the other feel good.

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