10 Controversial Batman Comics DC Wants You To Forget

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In the realm of DC comics, Batman is the rich grandad of the lot – created only four years after DC started printing superheroes proper. The main comic has been running for longer than most of us have been alive, let alone comic fans, meaning there is an ungodly supply of Bat-themed joy for any willing soul to make their way through.

However, this longevity does also have some downsides. When Batman was first introduced, it was into a world that was drastically different to modern times, in terms of what would be considered kind of a dick move – calling disabled people evil, for example.

More than that, the fact that Batman has existed for such a long time means people have to use weird and wild characters and plots to attempt to create something new – or at least not do the same comic that was done twenty odd years ago. They always have interesting results, but also more often than not leave you wondering how the whole thing came to be in the first place.

Be it through a strange character, plot, or premise, these are a series of comics that you will never forget – even if you really, really want to.

10. Evil Santa Klaus

Ed Brubaker’s time working on Batman created some of the most interesting Batman comics of the past two decades. The writer did what most comic writers appear scared to do, creating new characters and villains whilst still making good use of old favourites.

However, all silver linings must have clouds, and with these excellent comics came some wild and wonderful moments. The weirdest of these would have to be in Batman #598, which contains an evil Santa Klaus that Batman hunts down on Christmas.

A great premise for a children’s book – less so for a legit Batman comic.

That said, a children’s adaption would have to remove the two of the weirder things about Klaus – namely, his mind-reading abilities and penchant for murder. Seeing a cracked-out Santa Klaus systematically murder those he deems naughty is not exactly what you’d expect from a Christmas comic, it also makes for a surprisingly gripping read.

While a hate-filled, murderous Santa Klaus is a beautiful addition to the Batman villain roster, with the recent popularity of Calendar Man it’s unlikely we’ll ever see the jolly psychopath again.

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