10 DCEU Concept Designs Better Than What We Got

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2. General Zod’s Alien Armour – Man Of Steel

Superman went through many iteration before Zack Snyder was happy with his appearance and so, it would seem, did Man of Steel’s villain, General Zod.

Artist Ed Natividad came up with several versions of the Kryptonian nasty’s armour, some with a Medieval look and others more alien in design. This sketch, in all of its imposing sci-fi glory, is the pick of the bunch.

The version of Zod that Snyder ended up going with looked more like something from the Gears of War video game series, while this is darker and emphasises the extraterrestrial nature of the threat Superman was facing.

Although many fans and critics were unmoved by Man of Steel’s gritty deconstruction of Superman, this version of Zod would have been more in keeping with that tone.

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