10 DCEU Concept Designs Better Than What We Got

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3. A Vastly Superior Doomsday – Batman V Superman

Most were unhappy with the version of Doomsday they got in Batman v Superman, and with good reason. He looked like something from 2001’s Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, and the CGI was no more convincing it was back then.

This begs the question of why Zack Snyder didn’t go with something closer to this piece of concept art from illustrator Jerad S.Marantz. It’s fiercer, more monstrous, and above all, a lot closer to the creature from the comic books

Imagine this version of Doomsday brought to life with world-class animatronics, with a subtle spattering of CGI to paper over the cracks.

Marantz released several early Doomsday designs on his Instagram account after Batman v Superman was released, and strangely, all of them were a vast improvement on the CGI abomination that appeared in the film.

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