10 Essential Black Panther Comics

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8. New Avengers: Everything Dies

Jonathan Hickman’s Avengers comics could genuinely stake a claim to being among the most overlooked of the past decade, but fret not – any perceived lack of popularity in no way intimates the book’s quality.

Marvel have tried a lot with their team books in recent years, with most all falling victim to event fatigue and requirements to facilitate them in some way or another. Hickman’s New Avengers, however, tried something completely different.

Centred around Marvel’s Illuminati (a team comprised of the smartest and most influential minds to have held Avengers membership), Hickman’s comic featured T’Challa and co. weaponising the Infinity Stones to counteract inter-dimensional incursions into the main 616 timeline. That might sound like a lot to chew off, but come on, who doesn’t want to see Black Panther spearheading the Earth’s defence with a bunch of cosmic jewellery?

Hickman’s comic would later spin-off into the mind-meltingly brilliant (and soon-to-be influential) comic, Infinity, which saw Black Panther defend Wakanda from an alien force, led by none other than the Mad Titan himself, Thanos.

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