10 Great Superhero Doppelgängers

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Qualifying for the role of a superhero doppelgänger requires more than just having the same powers as another character, and more than just a similar costume design. Superhero doppelgängers – or “twins”, if you prefer – are the characters who have so many powers, background stories, visual similarities, and general motifs in common that it’s almost like one character has been split in two, and both halves of him/her happen to coexist within parallel universes.

Need some evidence? Let’s get started.

10. Green Arrow and Hawkeye

What makes them twins?

Two superheroes, both of whom have a bow and arrow as their primary weapon against legions of criminals, mobsters, robots, and aliens? Pretty distinctive feature. Add in the fact that both of them are cocky, self-assured, and blond, and, well, come on now. Not to mention that both of them have been known to use so-called “trick arrows,” which tend to involve such strange things as boxing gloves.

Who they are:

Green Arrow, now most famous as the star of the CW series Arrow, is Oliver Queen, a billionaire playboy who, after being stranded on an island at sea, came back as an arrow-slinging vigilante. Hawkeye, of course, is Clint Barton, the resident wisecracking sharpshooter of the Avengers.

Who came first?

When one thinks about it, it’s kind of strange that both the Avengers and the Justice League have archers, isn’t it? But both of them are terrific characters with loads of great stories, so it works out.

Green Arrow arrived first, premiering all the way back in 1941. Though he was originally little more than a Robin Hood-themed Batman knockoff, the character truly came into his own when Denny O’Neil and Neal Adams recreated him as a liberal crusader in the 1970s, and he then took a darker turn with the 1980s limited series Longbow Hunters, by Mike Grell.

Hawkeye is now most famous for his appearances in the Avengers movies—particularly the second one, where he managed to nab most of the best scenes.

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