10 Little Things That Slowly Destroy Even The Best Relationships

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We all know about the big things that can destroy any relationship, even ones that seem picture perfect: cheating, betrayal, huge life changes, stuff like that. We look out for signs of these things, we do our best to avoid them, to make sure they don’t happen to us. Unfortunately, sometimes it’s not just the big things that you have to keep an eye out for. More often than not, it’s the little stuff. Yes, the mundane, small things that you don’t give a second thought – those are the things that, after time, could build up enough to slowly destroy a relationship.

It’s easy to ignore some of these little things, or to blow them off with excuses like, “relationships are hard work! It’s not always going to be easy!” and “I can’t be too picky, so I’ll let this go.” Both of those statements have a certain amount of truth to them, but if they come up a lot? That’s definitely bad news. A recent Ask Reddit thread asked users about the little things that slowly cause breakups, and a lot of the answers were interesting and kind of unexpected. Sometimes things just aren’t meant to work out, but other times, a bad breakup could be avoided by paying attention to the smaller details. Here are a few little things that could be slowly ruining your relationship: 

1. Anxiety and Mental Illness Struggles

Mental illnesses are terrible for so many different reasons, and one of those reasons is that they can ruin your relationships with others. User itsdrizzyoutside says, “If your partner has anxiety – especially untreated. Eventually it becomes exhausting and you can’t deal with in anymore. Because it will never end. There’s always a problem. There’s always an “emergency”. When one issue is resolved its never over since a new one magically pops up. I know anxiety is difficult, but you can’t play the victim and make people in your life cater to you constantly. Its not healthy”As selfish as it might sound to others, it’s true: dealing with a partner with a mental illness, like anxiety or depression, can be extremely difficult. You want to be there for the person, but it’s hard, and starts to take a toll on you. I know this from personal experience – my ex had depression, and I tried really hard for years, but eventually had to end things. It wasn’t TOTALLY because of his illness, but that absolutely contributed. If your partner has a mental illness, make sure you take care of yourself too.

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