10 Mistakes to Avoid at the Start of a Relationship

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Finding someone special and starting to know more about him/her is a wonderful adventure and a pleasure for the senses. All your thoughts, your energy and enthusiasm are on him/her. Is this the man/woman of my life? And you want to do well. There are some important areas which you should focus in the beginning of a relationship to not commit errors that may led you to suffer in future. Here are 8 mistakes to avoid at the start of a relationship.

It is important to be careful and do not hide yourself, giving too much importance to your fears and weaknesses, showing your worst side. Learn to be assertive and give more importance to everything positive that you have to create a relationship based on trust, generosity, the ability to grow and expand. If you take little time with your partner and want the relationship to have a future, then note these mistakes to avoid at the start of a relationship.


We all strive to be as beautiful or handsome, charming and attentive as much as possible when we are falling in love with a new partner. It is perfect to put your best dress and use funny conversation topics when you meet, but do not alter your character that does not exist trying to be perfect. Do not hide your opinions, beliefs, tastes and weaknesses. Because if he/she does not like the way you really are, you can have problems in future. It is best that you show your true side and don’t become someone who you aren’t because if you show a different character then one day your partner will breakup with you saying ‘you are changed’ or ‘you are not the person I met before’.


From a certain age, we all have a past … and at least one former partner that has marked us. But that does not matter to your current love. You know you’ve been with others. You have suffered and done suffer. If there is any truly relevant data, such as you were married, you should tell. If not, beware talks on the former partner. Really, your present girlfriend/boyfriend does not care and is not interested in knowing anything about your ex. If they are continuously present in your conversation with your current partner then he/she may think that you are still lying in the past. Share your present and future, not your past with bad memories.


Nobody likes to be with a person who sees only negativity and bad things about others. Especially when it comes from someone who you just start to know. Remember that a man/woman really appreciates you not just looking at your beauty or sex appeal, but also those qualities that are not seen with the naked eye: kindness, empathy, sensitivity, intelligence. If you start to criticize people you know like your boss or friends then your partner will think about the negativity inside you. You might think that helps you look smart and sharp, but it is certain that he/she will feel threatened by your sharp and convinced not to be with you. Be especially careful not to criticize colleagues, friends and of course family.

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