10 Mistakes to Avoid at the Start of a Relationship

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If you want to strengthen your self-esteem, learn to step over them. He/she really likes you, so you do not see horrible flaws in your partner as nobody is perfect. When a guy/girl always points out the flaws of his partner then such relationships have no future as their partner feels suffocated in the relationship. More you please your partner, more he/she will like you. They may have flaws which can be showed to them once your relationship grows, but at the start it is better to focus on positive sides.


In a relationship it is not an ‘I’, it is ‘WE’. Avoid pride, selfishness of thinking and taking decision for your own benefit. Since you are no more single, you need to adapt your actions or decisions for the betterment of both. In new relationship, partners usually make this mistake and hence this is one of the mistakes to avoid at the beginning of a relationship. You must now stop thinking like the way you used to think when you were single. Include your partner in decisions which may have an impact on both your life and this will day by day strengthen the bond between the two.


This is one of the mistakes that women often make so that the guy does not feel insecure of her. In no way do you apologize for the achievements of your career. No way you have to show that you are less intelligent than him. A man who bothers his partner’s success is a weak man. We do not want a guy like that who is not happy of your success. It is better to be alone than in bad company.


Whether the relationship is new or old, one must never pretend or hold back their opinion on any subject. If you want a serious relationship and he just wants to have a good time, do not pretend to agree and wait for him to fall in love with you. Do not change your opinion for anyone, it is your life. Your dreams and goals are important. Do not change them for anything or anyone. Evaluate everything and do not get into a relationship that is not worth it and that will only bring sadness and disappointment to your life.


Many times we meet a guy/girl that we love and we start an adventure full of moments and experiences. Unfortunately, we do not realize that the mistakes we are making are due to the excitement of the beginning. Everything is perfect and hasty decisions are the order of the day. Keep in mind all theses mistakes you should not make at the beginning of a relationship so that it do not be a disastrous one.

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