10 Most WTF Moments In Comics History

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9. Hyde Takes Revenge On The Invisible Man

Alan Moore’s League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen wasn’t the first work of fiction to seamlessly bring together in a single continuity fictional characters whose original works were in the public domain – Kim Newman did it seven years earlier with Anno Dracula – but the idea of forming an Avengers-style Victorian supergroup is pure Moore.

In the second collection, Mina Murray’s intrepid team (Allan Quatermain, Captain Nemo, Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde and Hawley Griffin) are up against the Martians from HG Wells’ War Of The Worlds.

Also from a Wells work, The Invisible Man, Griffin’s character is true to the novella: he’s a psychopath, a rapist and spree killer with no conscience or redeeming features. Betraying his comrades to make a deal with the extraterrestrial invaders, he’s discovered by Miss Murray, and beats and humiliates her before escaping. The monstrous Hyde, who had developed an odd affection for Mina, swears revenge.

Griffin’s comeuppance is ugly beyond words, as Dr. Jekyll’s repressed id – who can both see and smell the Invisible Man – proceeds to beat, then rape him to death. As in Wells’ novella, Griffin becomes visible again as he finally expires… and Hyde, sitting down to dinner, gradually appears covered in vast, horrible quantities of the traitor’s blood, to Nemo’s horror…

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