10 Non-Netflix Marvel TV Shows Disney Should Make

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9. Amazing Fantasy

Anthology series are hugely popular at the moment with such shows as American Horror Story and True Detective, which tell completely new stories each season, and Black Mirror, which sees a new story each episode, enjoying much success. So wouldn’t now be a good time to release a superhero anthology series?

It might be a bit of a left-field idea but such a show could certainly work. A TV series featuring a rotating roster of superhero-based stories would be allowed to explore and innovate the comic book TV genre more than a regular series can as it wouldn’t have to worry about ongoing character or plot arcs.

If Marvel decided to go down this fascinating route they could build their superhero anthology show around their classic Amazing Fantasy series, whose issue 15 has gone down in history for featuring the debut of Spider-Man. Who knows, the TV series version could even create a new iconic hero to rival the webhead.

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