10 Non-Netflix Marvel TV Shows Disney Should Make

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8. Moon Knight

At this point, Marvel fans’ voices are growing hoarse from continually saying how much they want a Moon Knight TV series. Because the tone would fit so perfectly with The Defenders – gritty, street-wise but still laced with comic book mysticism – it was hoped that the show could appear on Netflix. But that seems to be an outside chance now.

Still, there’s nothing stopping a Moon Knight show from happening on a separate outlet. The character is just too good to waste. In case you don’t know, Moon Knight is really Marc Spector, a man with powers that heighten in the moonlight who suffers from multiple personality disorder. He’s a fascinating, unhinged vigilante who would make a terrific anti-hero protagonist.

In particular, it’s easy to imagine this acting as the MCU’s version of the X-Men universe’s Legion. Hand the show to some smart auteur showrunner, cast a talented actor in the lead and let them craft an engaging psychologically-rich piece of unique Marvel entertainment.

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