10 Physically Strongest DC Characters

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Last week we published a list of 10 character from the Marvel universe who could hurl a Subway sandwich to Saturn and as expected, the first comment was someone telling us we were stupid for ignoring the upper pantheon of characters who can destroy entire realms of reality. So we decided to write a sister list for DC characters that similarly ignores all of the boring characters with unquantifiable levels of cosmic power and instead list 10 characters who can punch things really hard, because we never learn and kind of love it that the commenters treat us so poorly.

This isn’t a list of the “most powerful” DC characters, because such a list would be kind of dull. Instead, this is a list designed to show how silly comics get when you have to consistently make characters stronger to keep them interesting. For example, consider the many Herculean feats of…

10. Arthur Curry – AKA Aquaman

We don’t think any superhero has a reputation as bad as Aquaman, which doesn’t really make sense when you realize that as “King of the Sea” he’s got unquestioned rule over 75% of the entire world. Because being King is only fun when it comes with perks, Aquaman also has total dominion over every creature that calls the sea its home and in at least one comic, a flock of sea eagles. (Aquaman #27)

According to the DC wiki, Aquaman “possesses superhuman strength on the order of 150 times human maximum,” which would make him barely strong enough to lift a couple cars. However, newer comics have shown Aquaman casually doing things like lifting an entire cruise ship (New 52 Aquaman #1) and throwing a submarine from the bottom of the ocean with enough force for it to fly several hundred feet into the air (New 52 Aquaman #21). We don’t know what humans Aquaman is supposedly only worth 150 of, but we sure as hell never want to meet them.

Incredible feat of strength:

We’re going to have to go with the time when Aquaman picks up a boat weighing over a hundred tons and swings it at an underwater ice-zombie without any apparent effort (Aquaman: Death of a King), if only because it means Aquaman is at least as strong as Gipsy Danger from Pacific Rim. That’s not bad for a hero mostly known for that one GIF of him using dolphins as a jet ski.

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