10 Things Everyone Always Gets Wrong About The X-Men

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Oh, the X-Men. Forever misunderstood in a world that fears and hates them. Unfortunately for our outcast heroes even those that claim to be their greatest fans tend to misunderstand them far more than they believe.

Whether it be due to differing plots in the cartoons, movies, or even video games some have come to believe things about these outsiders that just aren’t true. We could even blame the writers themselves as they will often ignore a character’s history, change facts to fit their own stories, or simply create something that is so elaborate that readers lose their way in the labyrinth of stories.

Well, have no fear true believers. This article sets the record straight about what is and is not true in the world of the X-Men. While some facts may be as simple as a character’s name or power description others run far deeper into the histories and origins of favorite characters and famous storylines.

If the only involvement you’ve had with the X-Men are the movies you must click next to begin your much-needed education. If you’re a long-time reader of the comics and think you know everything there is to know go ahead and click next anyway. We’re always up for some friendly sparring.

10. Rogue’s History

One of the most misunderstood of all mutants, poor Rogue has forever been cursed with the inability to touch others lest she drain their full life energies. Despite this she continues to fight for the good of the population that both hates her and will never understand the pain she feels. But did you know that Rogue was once a villain?

In fact, she was a pretty nasty little lady using her powers to get whatever she wanted under the guidance of Mystique – her adoptive mother. Rogue was a rather malicious villain with an even harsher temper. She had absolutely no qualms about doing harm to others and hurt later teammates such as Storm, Wolverine, and Dazzler not to mention the many fights she had with the Avengers (of which she is now a member of as well). Rogue’s biggest rivalry, however, was with the woman whose life she stole – Carol Danvers. Though longtime comic readers – and anyone who happened to catch a specific episode of X-Men: the Animated series – know how Rogue obtained her super strength and flight it’s actually quite sad how many believed them to be amongst her natural power set or – even worse – not to have existed at all.

For those of you that didn’t know, Rogue used her powers to completely drain Carol’s life force permanently stealing her super abilities and psyche. Housing Carol’s psyche within her own caused Rogue to go raving mad and eventually she sought help from Professor Xavier. This is when Rogue joined the X-Men, and was pretty much forgiven for her villainous past most of which was blamed on Rogue’s own fragile psyche and Mystique’s manipulations. For those who are caught up in the movieverse, Rogue’s name is not Marie, and was left unknown for quite a long time. Around 2002 it was revealed that Rogue’s given name is Anna – most likely a reference to the actress who played her in the films – Anna Paquin.

Rogue has now finally managed to control her deadly powers while having purged herself of past absorptions, but will probably continue being portrayed as untouchable in other media. Anna Paquin is set to reprise her role as Rogue in the upcoming X-Men: Days of Future Past. How large of a role she’ll play is as of now not yet known.

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