10 Things Marvel Wants You To Forget About The Punisher

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With a new Netflix series on the horizon, the Punisher has once again been propelled into the spotlight. As one of Marvel’s more controversial characters, old Frank Castle has enjoyed something of a tempestuous history – one chock full of murder, torture, and the odd crossover here and there.

Said history has meant that a whole bunch of misconceptions regarding the characterhave become commonplace, but even truer is that there are elements of it that, not for lack of trying, Marvel would much rather prefer you’d forget.

This involves everything from the basic fundamentals of the character to some of the straight-up bizarre narrative decisions writers have taken with him over the years. He’s crossed over with Archie (yes, that Archie), smacked around the odd animal here and there, and that’s before we even get to the guy’s inexorable bodycount.

Frank Castle has always been one to cut a divisive figure on the page as much as off it, but those uglier, more closely guarded secrets remain in the shadows…

10. He’s Killed Close To 50 Thousand People

There’s something particularly unnerving about this figure. Apart from the fact that this is, y’know, a lot of Punishing for any one man to handle, it’s also a totally ridiculous bodycount to rack up.

Granted Frank Castle’s been preaching vigilante justice for the better part of forty years now, but come on – to reach a figure as high as that you’d have to be punishing at least 1000 people a year. We know New York has a reputation and all, but a statistic that high leaves one to wonder if there actually should be any criminals left for Spidey and Daredevil to beat up, let alone imprison.

So yeah, going off official figures the Punisher is actually a mass murderer of the highest degree. Take that how you will, but we prefer our heroes to be a little more restrained when it comes to enacting social justice..

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