10 Things Marvel Wants You To Forget About The Punisher

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8. Franken-Castle

So, Punisher fans, have you ever wondered what your favourite comic book character would look like if he was killed and brought back to life as a literal Frankenstein’s Monster? No? Well, Marvel have you covered anyway, with a storyline from 2009.

Chopped to pieces by Wolverine’s evil son Daken, Punisher was resurrected and became known as ‘Franken-Castle’ from that point forward. The pun’s tragic, but even more tragic was the premise itself, which involved the resurrected Castle tracking down Daken and dishing out vigilante justice only he knows how.

As a zombie.

Needless to say, it was a massive departure for the character and bookended what had, until that point at least, been a rather enjoyable run to read. Don’t expect to see this storyline get the Netflix treatment anytime soon.

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