10 Things That Ruin a Relationship

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“If you were as tidy as your dad or your brother or any friend ” … “You’re just like your mother wasteful” … Comparing your partner with his brother, friend, father, mother or ex is not healthy because all people are different and bring different things to the relationship. Comparisons invalidate the couple just with the complicity and charm of the relationship. This leads to great psychological injury to the partner because it makes them feel worthless. When someone compares they are invalidating what they do and eliminating their individuality against others and that it is quite delicate. It’s like hitting the spouse emotionally which provide wounds difficult to heal.


Criticizing your spouse family is a hand tool that often is thrown when you have a discussion because we know that it strongly hurts the other. Phrases which are meant to criticize their parents, brother or sisters should be avoided to the maximum. Although you may feel it is normal, but it deeply hurts and is definitely one most common things that ruin a relationship.

Criticizing each others families is sign that you are destroying the relationship. “To me my wife told me that my family was picky, poked and fought for things like that. Criticizing the mother, the father, sisters is actually like messing with an aspect of your partner life, the feelings they have for them which then reaches the highest point and cracks the marital bond.


Living with someone who is jealous, insecure and who often continually makes scenes of jealousy, becomes a reason for conflict. It is like doing everything necessary so that the relationship ends. Insecurity and jealousy is one of the factors that ruins a relationship. Normal jealousy if fine, but sometimes people displaying high levels of jealousy may be suffering from some psychological problem. If you want to save your relationship then it is best to take professional help.

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