10 Things You Learn About Yourself When You’ve Been Single Forever

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Being single for what feels like forever definitely has its downsides, but one of the perks is that you learn a ton about yourself in the time you spend flyin’ solo. If it’s been a while since you’ve been in a relationship, you’ve probably started figuring out these things about yourself.

1. HOW MUCH YOU CAN HANDLE ON YOUR OWNEven if you’re independent and function well as a single woman, most people rely on their partner at least a little bit when they’re in a relationship. Whether it’s having someone to pick up ginger ale and soup when you’re sick in bed or just knowing that you have a supportive shoulder to cry on when you have a bad day, having that extra help when you’re dating someone is a big plus. But when you’ve been single for an eon, you begin to realize how much you’re capable of even when you don’t think you can feel any worse.

2. WHAT YOU REALLY WANT IN BEDThere’s something about being super single that brings out the kinkiest side of us. You may have been content with the same old boring sex when you were in a relationship, but when you’re on your own and have had only yourself to please for months on end, you start to realize that, yeah, maybe you want to be on the receiving end of oral a bit more than you were the last time you had a partner.

3. HOW COMMITTED YOU ARE TO YOUR GOALS Yes, even the most motivated of us can get complacent when we have a partner who’s constantly reassuring us that we’re the best thing ever to grace the Earth. Getting better at a hobby, exercising more, or eating healthier can fall by the wayside when you’re in a relationship, so it’s easy to dismiss any lack of progress as a byproduct of being lazy and in love. But when you’re perpetually single, that excuse goes out the window, and any slacking you do can’t be blamed on your partner’s habit of keeping your favorite potato chips in the house.

4. HOW GROSS YOU AREYour true disgusting nature tends to lie dormant when you’re trying reasonably hard to impress a partner, but it comes out in full force when you’re the only one who cares if you leave a dozen dirty coffee mugs in your bedroom. Even if you’re normally pretty clean and tidy, you’ll still see the dirtiest side of yourself once you’ve spent a year or two as a single lady.

5. WHAT YOUR TYPE ACTUALLY ISIt’s pretty common to suddenly have a thing for blond hair and brown eyes when your partner coincidentally has blond hair and brown eyes. When you’re super single, though, you’ll end up figuring out your real “type” when you start realizing that all of the actors and musicians you fantasize about marrying all have the same physical qualities.

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