10 Times Daredevil Was Forced To Kill

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9. Murdered Seemingly Everyone In Daredevil Reborn

An even stranger turn recently was when Matt Murdock became leader of The Hand, the ninja clan that had seemingly spent the rest of his life trying to kill him. He made an ultimately unsuccessful attempt to run Hell’s Kitchen by building a huge pagoda in the middle called Shadowland and, thrown out, had to go on a soul-searching journey. That’s exactly what the Man Without Fear did in Daredevil: Reborn, a four-issue limited series from 2011 written by Andy Diggle. Matt Murdock goes to Mexico and meets a kid who’s clearly meant to be an avatar for his younger self: blind, orphaned, confused, and in need of some moral guidance. What the pair actually come across is Calavera, a mob boss who can split open a person’s soul and show it to them. In Daredevil’s case that apparently means having visions of standing atop a pile of corpses of people he thinks he killed over the course of Shadowland, including (but not limited to) Iron Fist, Spider-Man, and Bullseye.

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