10 Unbelievable Comic Book Cameos Nobody Saw Coming

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9. The Writer Of Transmetropolitan In Powers

Had Warren Ellis – writer and co-creator of the surreal cyberpunk Transmetropolitan series – merely showed up in an issue of Powers as a random writer, his cameo would have been fairly mundane by usual standards. However, in similar fashion to the often surreal comics he writes, Ellis’ cameo in Powers is completely wild for precisely one reason: his character, in Powers, is the writer of Transmetropolitan.

Having a comic book writer exist in a comic as a comic book writer is both totally mind-breaking, and also the easiest way to show how !*$% weird Transmetropolitan is to newcomers.

This sets off possibly the most fourth-wall breaking comic issue to have ever existed, as throughout the entire comic we are continually reminded that the DC comic actively exists in this comic’s universe, creating a series of questions that are – perhaps mercifully – never touched upon. The easiest explanation is that this issue becomes basically Inception for comics, minus a mysterious end and Leonardo DiCaprio.

Knowing superhero comics exist in a world that already has superheroes is sort of a mindfuck, but then so is 99% of Transmetropolitan itself, so it fits.

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