10 Unbelievable Comic Book Cameos Nobody Saw Coming

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8. Guy Fieri in Batman 2016

Although wearing a cheetah print fedora and selling guns, the frosted tips and fire-patterned shirt of but a single panel of issue #23 of Batman 2016 is unmistakably that of cooking legend Guy Fieri.

It’s unclear whether the artist actively wanted us to know that it’s the Food Network star, or if they merely used a reference source that is literally impossible to not recognize. Either way, it’s absolutely hilarious to imagine an alternate-reality Fieri, who hit upon hard times in the cooking industry and had to turn to weapon selling instead.

It also raises some questions about how Fieri fits into the world of DC. If Guy Fieri sells things to supervillains, does that make him evil in this universe? Has Guy Fieri had dealings with the mafia? Can we dare to hope for an edgy Guy Fieri spinoff series?

Tragically, this seems unlikely, especially since the comic did not use Fieri to his best use – namely, making him some crazy food-themed villain, Condiment Man style. Maybe one day.

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