10 Underrated DC Comics Supervillains

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A superhero is only as good as his villain, and the DC Universe is stocked with some terrific bad guys for our heroes to defeat over, and over, and over again. Unfortunately, it seems like Hollywood thinks that when it comes to DC Comics, the villain cupboard consists of Lex Luthor and the Joker, and not much else. Look no farther than Batman v Superman and the forthcoming Suicide Squad, which have brought us these characters yet again, for the third time each in the past 40 years of movie making.

But villains and anti-heroes are all the rage these days, with Deadpool destroying at the box office and the aforementioned Suicide Squad generating solid buzz leading up to its release. If Suicide Squad is able to do strong business, it might open people’s eyes to the plethora of outstanding villains at DC’s disposal, including these 10 truly underrated (and, when it comes to Hollywood, underutilized) baddies.

10. Mongul

Mongul was once the ruler of his race, but due to a revolution, he was exiled into outer space. Ever since Mongul has had an incurable hunger for power. Mongul is stronger than Superman and almost totally invulnerable to harm. Superman has defeated him by foiling his schemes, but only once has he defeated Mongul in hand-to-hand combat. Mongul also has the ability to teleport, has limited telepathy and telekinesis, and can project blasts of energy from his eyes, hands, or chest.

Mongul can also use advanced alien technology to shrink his enemies and place them in dimensional-inversion cubes designed to prevent escape by warping their interior reality and absorbing any power used against them from within. Superman once said that Mongul is about as strong as Darkseid. That is quite the complement.

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