10 Weirdest Parts Of Cosmic Marvel Comics

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For the most part, Marvel Comics have differentiated themselves from their Distinguished Competition (in the early days, at the very least) by opting for a very different scope. Whilst the Fantastic Four often dealt with science fiction threats of the sort more suited to Superman or the Green Lantern, they did so from the comfort of their home in New York. Whilst DC routinely travelled across time and space, to any number of colourful fictional cities and far-off planets – not to mention alternate dimensions – Marvel stuck with the street level heroes like Daredevil or Spider-Man, and had the higher-flying characters such as Iron Man and Captain America deal with IRL concepts such as industrial espionage and racism. Thats not to say Marvel didnt poke its nose into the stars, though. In fact theres a whole wing of the Marvel Universe thats only just being rediscovered by fans in the light of the Guardians Of The Galaxy film: a place where costumed heroes suffer existential crises on meteorites, where God is revealed to be a three-headed Oscar statue beyond space. Its stuff like this that had people assuming mind-altering substances were routinely passed around the bullpen back in the sixties and seventies. How else would the people who came up with the Hulk also invent the idea of a squirrel-tailed Galactus, Peter Quill being in love with his spaceship, or any of the ten weirdest parts of cosmic Marvel Comics?

10. Everyone Sees Galactus Differently

Whilst the old-timer fans bemoaned the change, turning the world-eater Galactus into a swarm of carnivorous space bees or whatever for the second Fantastic Four film (and the Ultimate Universe comics, actually) makes sense for a modern audience. After all, whats scary about a giant purple man with a silly hat? Even at the time Galactus looked pretty goofy during his first appearance. The sixties Fantastic Four comic wasnt exactly short of goofy-looking characters, though, so he fit right in. One of the more interesting foibles about that huge dude with the antennae and the skirt is he looks different depending on who looks at him. If, say, he went to chow down on a planet that was populated by octopi, hed look to them like a multi-tentacled herald of doom. A recent issue of the Unbeatable Squirrel Girl revealed that he resembled a bush-tailed rodent to the heros furry sidekick. Its a bit like the end of Ghostbusters where they choose the form of their destruction.

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