10 Worst Times Famous Comic Book Characters Were Radically Changed For Movies

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3. Bane (Batman & Robin)

Aside from the weird accent, Tom Hardy’s Bane in The Dark Knight Rises was actually incredibly spot-on in terms of characterization. He’s a mastermind first and foremost, who lurks in the shadows and only resorts to using his strength when the time is right. Absolutely none of that was present during his role in Batman & Robin.

Bane was demoted to the role of a grunting henchman that seemed only to be able to yell his own name, throw heavy objects and chauffeur Poison Ivy around. The character was such an insult to the comic books, and to casual viewers it dramatically skewed their perception about who Bane was supposed to be.

As walking muscle, his role could have been performed by any lesser Batman character, or could have just been some made-up henchman. Instead, the filmmakers thought that dumbing down a villain known for his intelligence was the way to go.

As brutal as Mr. Freeze and Poison Ivy were in terms of their portrayal, neither was as complete an abomination as Bane.

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