12 Signs It is the Right Time To Say I Love You

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Human relationships are not easy. Love at first sight, I’m sorry to tell you that does not exist, unless someone looks attractive. It takes time and effort on both sides to at least meet and know if they really love each other. And another tricky detail is knowing the right time to say I love you for the first time. Since you are a real person, and you live in reality, I regret to tell you that it is NOT like in the movies. So when in the best time? Here are some of the best signs to look before proposing the girl.


There are people who have been very hurt in the past, or who are afraid of relationships (for this or other reasons). If you’ve known him for a long time, you’ll know what things scare them and what not. In such cases you should somewhere in the middle of the talk ask them about being in relationships. Knowing them is the key to love and getting a positive outcome. If you think you will not scare her then go ahead and say “I love you” to your girl or guy.


It is one thing that you secretly like a person, and another very different is that you love that person. You may experience it differently, but when you are sure it is love, it may be a right time to say I love you in your relationship. The other person may not respond immediately, but give them time to process. You know that you love her, but also make sure that you firstly drop hints to her and then let her know about your feelings.


There is no person without history, or without emotional baggage. Everyone has troubles and you have to learn to deal with them or solve them. So before saying that you love her, ask yourself if you are capable of loving him/her in your current situation. It’s not just about you, it’s about the other person, and what you want may not be good for them. So, first analyze the situation and of you feel that her troubles in life will have no effect on you then go ahead with your proposal.

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