12 Signs of Chemistry Between Two People

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No person is perfect, however it seems. Respect is indispensable in a healthy relationship, and to be healthy should begin in the early stages, that is, when the chemistry begins. If there is respect then this is a sign of chemistry between two people, else its nothing. Well, chemistry does not just happen on a physical level, you need to connect emotionally too. You need to respect, trust and love for the chemistry to grow.


One way to know if there is attraction, chemistry or some kind of admiration is to observe body language. When you mimic some movements, poses or even tics, it means that you want to appear, or please, the person you copied from. The guy or girl may not do it intentionally, but it’s their brain that is forcing them to provide hints to the other of attraction through body.


There are things that can go undetected by the naked eye for those who do not know a person beyond the surface. As he has become an important person, she begins to observe the subtleties of his personality, to the point of recognizing something he would like, his belongings, or to know if something has happened to him with just a glance.


Although they are not the kind of people who laugh out loud, but when they laugh they do it together. Singing or laughing with other people makes you feel more attached to them, because they share activities that generate endorphins. In addition, they may have certain private jokes that only they understand, increasing the level of intimacy and chemistry.

Whether you have already developed some internal jokes, or have some private experience, or if there is change your tone of voice. This shows that the there is chemistry between two people, especially when you compare how you talk to that person and how you talk to others.

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