12 Ways I Gave My Power To Men Without Even Realizing It—I’ll Never Do That Again

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It’s funny how I used to think I was strong and had loads of self-love, only to realize that I was acting weak AF around men. Thankfully, by noticing what I was doing, I could stop these 12 dodgy behaviors in their tracks.


I was pretty much like a doctor on call for the guy I was interested in. If he called in the early hours, I’d have a conversation with him even though I was tired AF. If he was in the neighborhood and wanted to see me at the drop of a hat, I’d say, “Come by in 10 minutes.” I was too available and it meant that men could rule my life and schedule.


I know everyone tries to be liked when dating but I took that too far. When a guy wanted to go bungee-jumping or camping, I’d act excited even though I was dreading the experience. The result was that I tried so hard to be the girl they wanted, I totally forgot about being the person I wanted to be and had some pretty lousy experiences. It wasn’t worth it.

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