13 Signs You’re Too Available For Him & Need To Get A Life

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You want to show him you enjoy spending time with him and like him but you don’t want to be so available that you start to look desperate AF. Here are some signs that it’s time to reel it in and start making yourself scarce.


You could be at a salsa class or out with your best friends but when the guy calls, you choose to go out with him rather than enjoy what you were doing. This only sends the message that your life’s boring, which it isn’t! Remember: there’s nothing more attractive than a woman who has a life she loves.


When he calls you, you barely let the phone ring twice before picking it up. I’m not saying you should wait for it to ring at least three times. Actually, maybe I am. See, the thing is that if you answer as the call comes through, it sends the message that you’re waiting around for it. What, don’t you ever leave your phone in the other room because you’re occupied with something else?

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