14 Best Hikes in Denver To Take With You Family

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2. Roxborough State Park, Fountain Valley Trail

The Roxborough State Park is just southwest of Denver and is filled with geological delights, including extraordinary fossil remains, red rock formations and hogback ridges. The trail we recommend here is the Fountain Valley Trail which is a lop of 2.2 miles. The park is 4,000 acres which means there are plenty of trails to choose from. Fountain Valley is one of the easiest although you might be tempted by Willow Creed Trail, a 1.4-mile loop trail that has a pretty creek in the middle. There are also specialist trails here lead by naturalists who can explain the geology to you. The park itself is also known as the red sandstone park. It’s a dramatic park, totally beautiful, unusual and in spring, filled to capacity with wildflowers.

Miles: 2.2 miles

Rating: Easy

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