14 Signs The Guy You’re “Talking To” Isn’t Going To Take Things Further

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“We’re in the talking stage.” What does that even mean? To some, it’s the stage just before you define the relationship. For others, it’s a waiting room between casually dating and an official relationship. It’s a time when you’re filled with questions, unsure of what’s going to happen and if the guy’s ever going to become your boyfriend. Here are 14 signs you’re wasting your time because it’s never going to happen.


You and the guy you’re dating always do the same things. You talk about the same boring topics. You always head to the same restaurant for dinner. You only see each other on Thursday nights. If you’re already in a rut, this is a sign the spark’s gone before you could hit relationship status.


He’ll invite you over to hang out, sure, but he won’t take you to his dad’s birthday party or even meet up on a Saturday night. In fact, that night’s always off limits with him. It’s like he’s avoiding real dates because he doesn’t want to take things to the relationship level. He’s keeping you at a distance.

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