14 Signs You Are in Relationship with The Right Man

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Is there someone special in your life and want to know if it’s worth keeping the spark alive? Today I share some of the most important aspects that indicate that a relationship is and will be happy and healthy. Do not insist on being with a man who treats you like he do not have time for you, that does not love you as you love him, that does not give you confidence and it is not honest. It would be like buying a beautiful dress, but it is not the right size, it is uncomfortable and cannot give you much use.

You have spent a good time together with your boyfriend, but now you think it’s time to take the next step. However, you are not hundred percent sure if he is the right man in your life. Here are some of the signs you are in relationship with the right man or not. If most of them apply to you, then keep this man in your life.

1. Values

He must be a good person. All other virtues are unimportant when the kindness and honesty are missing. I am not telling he should be good guy, but the basic respect and principles are important to look in a man if you are planning to marry him. It is one of the most important signs you are in relationship with the right man or not.

2. Chemistry and compatibility

You’re having fun when you’re with him? If you enjoy making plans, you have fun, laugh, talk for hours, you feel as if you knew him always, if you like him, if he can also be your friend then there is good chemistry between you. Chemistry and compatibility are very important for a relationship to grow.

3. Feelings

How do you feel when you’re with him? I do not mean to nerves or the tickle in the stomach. If when you’re with him you feel good, relaxed and natural, it is a good sign. If he also put notes to make you feel at ease, this is a man who cares about you and respects you.

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