14 Signs You Are in Relationship with The Right Man

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4. Are you happy?

First things first, if most of the time you are unhappy with him then it is better to walk away. Make sure your happiness begins with yourself. Those who rely on your partner to be happy, usually do not get very far. Do not settle for a man with whom you do not enjoy yourself and most of the time your life is with stress.

5. He has kept your relationship public

If he introduced you to his parents and siblings then this is the among the important signs you are in relationship with the right man. You have not been to all the family events, but you’re starting to relate to them. The secret relationships can be fun, but any lasting relationship involves meeting the family. Also one of the study indicated that openly declaring the relationship with a person on facebook to all family and friends means that the two are serious for each other.

6. He is also your friend

If the guy you are in relationship with is also your friend in need then this is one of the signs you are in relationship with the right man. You dare to tell your secrets. Not afraid to be who you are or tell you’re in a bad mood, or even be a little awkward. You feel relaxed and comfortable as you show yourself as you are. He is the one guy which easily switches from your boyfriend to just a friend when required.

7. You laugh 

Maybe he is not one of the Three Stooges, but if both enjoy being together and laugh a little each day, the relationship is going well. Men take pride in their sense of humor. If he does not make you laugh, does not mean that he is not the right guy as some guys have mysterious silent personalities. What matters is that you are happy with him.

8. Communicate

But in addition to feel comfortable there must be communication. That way you can have a healthy relationship. Be open, honest and communicative with the other is the only way to know a little more each day. He should always have the willingness to communicate. The worst way to ruin a relationship are misunderstandings or make things become unnecessarily complicated. You should not be the only one speaking all the time. He should not just be a good listener, but also communicates and shares his feelings with you.

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