14 Signs You Are in Relationship with The Right Man

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9. Avoid excessive drama

If your relationship is nourished only with drama caused by him then at any time one of the two will break and theyour relationship will not last long. If you are angry, confused, depressed or just tired, the relationship in which you are is not healthy.

10. Has a balance

Healthy relationships always have some fun. This does not mean that every day must be a party, but he does not let things get predictable or boring. If he spends most of his day with work, chances are that you lose spending time together and you must take this as a warning sign. If he spends all his time working then perhaps your loving relationship will not become more serious. If he is the right man for you then he must be able to balance his work life and give his time to you.

11. Both are always learning

A good relationship is one that makes you think, brings challenges and makes you grow. If you’re not learning anything, perhaps he is not the right man. In my best relationships I discovered things about myself and helped me focus on my life goals. You can learn anything or just travel more to learn. If you both can’t learn anything and it is same like everyday then you both will get bored quickly.

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