15 Reasons for Infidelity in a Relationship

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When in the couple one of the two feels very inferior to the other, it is quite probable that it ends up committing an infidelity. For them it is a simple question of self-esteem. This perception may be subjective or real, but if one of the two feels constantly ignored by his/her partner, they may feel the need to value themselves.


There are times when, simply, the occasion arises, and the person is too attractive to say no. If this case occurs, the difference between taking the step and not taking usually depends on the chances of being caught. There is a greater probability that infidelity will pass from the plane of fantasy to reality. If you think that no one will find out, either because you are far from your residence, or because that person is not going to cross in your life then this raises the chance of cheating.


There are men with little amatory ability, and women who are only able to do so with the light off. Sexual frustration is a powerful stimulant of infidelity. If sex becomes boring, or your partner is too inhibited in bed, you most likely end up looking outside for what you do not have in your bed. This is one of the most known reasons for infidelity in marriages. After a few years you won’t feel that passion in bed, but it does not mean to cheat. You can try new places, positions and tricks to keep the passion alive.


Alcohol and drugs prevent us from thinking clearly and at the same time minimizing inhibitions. If someone in a difficult situation consumes too much alcohol or taking recreational drugs, then they lose their ability to think wisely. They may be more likely to get carried away not thinking about aftermath of this cheating. This may lead them towards committing infidelity, even if they were not in their plans to do so. Other cases are those who have decided to be unfaithful and use these substances as an excuse.

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