15 ultimate American hikes

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One of the most beloved activities in wild lands is hiking.

We’ve compiled a list of the most quintessential hikes in America’s wild lands.

Some of these are backpacking adventures, which will require planning and consideration of your individual abilities, time and interests. Most can be abbreviated into easy day hikes if that is desired.

1. Pacific Crest Trail in Pasayten Wilderness, Washington

The “P.C.T.” is one of America’s most noteworthy national trails. Running along the West coast all the way from Mexico to Canada, a thru-hike can the entire five-month snow-free season. If you’re looking for just a taste, try its northernmost stretch through the Pasayten, where you can take in views of North Cascades National Park. If you are an experienced backcountry traveler, you may want to trek the neighboring Pacific Northwest Trail as well. A great day hike in this wilderness is Buckskin Ridge.

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