20 Tips to Be a Perfect Boyfriend

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Never appreciate the beauty of other women because if you express it in front of her, you will make her feel bad. So, save yourself the comments about how beautiful your friend is or the body that your sister has, because she can interpret them as a lack of respect. Also, never reveal her secrets it in front of others. That is the kind of attitude that she will never forget or forgive, and which can lead, sooner rather than later, to the end of your relationship.


That two people love each other does not mean they have to agree on everything. Sooner or later you will discover that you have different points of view on some subjects, and you must learn to respect hers. No matter how much you think she’s wrong, do not try to change her mind. You can expose your ideas, and try to argue them, but if she sees you otherwise, simply move on to another topic. A perfect boyfriend does not get angry because she does not think the same or try to impose his criteria. Learn to be mature and understand that you are different people, and as such, you have the right to see things differently.


In addition to telling her that you love her, show her how much you love her. Your girlfriend will never get tired From hearing “I love you”, so do not forget to repeat it frequently. But in addition to telling her, you have to prove it with facts. A woman loves to notice that she is wanted, but when words are not accompanied by acts that reinforce them, she ends up thinking that you are not sincere. If you tell her that you love her, your attitude has to be in tune. That means worrying about her and trying to make her happy whenever you can. Words are not enough and hence a perfect boyfriend always proves his girl with actions.


It’s the only option you have if you do not want her to get tired of you. No one forces you to promise anything, but if you choose to do it, you will have to keep your word, or else she will not be able to trust you. And, in case you did not know, love is based on trust, no relationship can be built if it lacks trust.

Do not be carried away by the enthusiasm and promise things that you do not know if you will be able to fulfill. Sure you love to see her excited, but you will not like to see her face when she discovers that your words are taken by the wind again and again.

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