5 Marvel Comics Villains Who Are Currently MIA

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1. Whirlwind

Although a bit of a joke, Whirlwind has had a ton of visibility over the years, which makes his lack of panel time since 2016 odd. He’s usually a good villain for heroes to deal with while they wait for the next real threat to turn up, sort of like enhancement talent in the world of professional wrestling.

The nature of his visuals and his whirlwind-based powers make him a bit of a classic villain, hearkening back to days past when comics were a lot more outlandish and a lot sillier visually. While it is impressive that he’s appeared so often over the years since, he hasn’t really had any update to bring him into contention with his peers or make him a credible nuisance.

He recently joined a number of criminals trying to reform under Scott Lang’s security company, their ethos being that the best people to help secure things are people who once made a career breaking into things. However, when it came down to it, Whirlwind wasn’t much for change and ran off into the sunset with a large sum of money.

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