5 Marvel Comics Villains Who Are Currently MIA

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2. Clown

One of the villains of Matt Fraction’s critically acclaimed Hawkeye run, Kazimierz Kazimierczak was an illusive and mysterious figure with a lot of potential. His striking face paint, reminiscent of a mime, and his Get Carter-esque 1960s coat made him stand out visually in an already aesthetically pleasing run. The lack of emotion exhibited, too, only added to his cold, mysterious aura.

Making a big impression on the story by murdering a long-time neighbour of Clint, Clown appeared to be a new, formidable and exciting foil for Street-level superheroes. He certainly wouldn’t look out of place in a Mark Waid Daredevil run or harassing the Punisher for a few weeks.

After his initial defeat, however, he’s not been seen. It’s a shame Marvel haven’t brought him back because he has the materials to be a really compelling long-term villain, given the right story to expand further within.

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