6 Hikes That Will Take You Around the World

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These trails will take you to destinations you’ve never seen before.

For anyone who considers hiking boots and a Lifestraw water bottle must-pack items in their carry-on, there are countless corners of the world that offer unparalleled views and an invigorating adrenaline rush—without the onslaught of tourists.

These amazing hikes guaranteed to appeal to anyone with an adventurous spirit.

Hike a volcano in Indonesia

Volcano hiking in Indonesia is an extraordinary experience. There are dozens of options to choose from, ranging in intensity from several-hour, beginner-level hikes to multi-day or overnight treks through active (sometimes, very active) volcanoes.

Mount Bromo in Java is arguably the most popular hike, though some visitors complain that tourists and cars crowd the summit. Alternatives include Mount Kerinci in Sumatra, which is the highest volcano in Indonesia (a three-day, two-night hike; intermediate level); and sunrise hiking either Mount Batur (easier) or Mount Agung (more challenging) in Bali.

For truly unique natural scenery, the Ijen Crater in Java contains the world’s largest acidic volcanic lake. The water shimmers a brilliant turquoise during the day, and after dark puts on an exquisite show of blue flames for hikers willing to brave the night. The hike itself is relatively beginner-level, although proper hiking boots are recommended.

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