6 of America’s Most Dangerous Hiking Trails

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1. The Maze, Canyonlands National Park, Utah

Step aside, amateurs, this trail can test both the physical and mental abilities of even the most advanced hikers. Located in Utah’s Canyonlands National Park, the 13.5-mile path requires hikers to follow a maze-like trail, leading them in and out of sandstone walls and deep canyons. And did we mention that temperatures often reach about 110 degrees Fahrenheit? This trail’s biggest challenge may be that climbers have to be self-sufficient and very map-savvy. As you wander in and out of the canyons, they can all start to look alike, making it difficult to accurately locate landmarks. And since water isn’t plentiful and temperatures are unforgiving, this maze could become a death trap.

Although we believe it to be one of the most dangerous trails, it may be the only one on our list that hasn’t claimed any fatalities. Likely because the climbers who dare to take it on are pretty sure what they are getting themselves into. A few helpful tips: Carry a GPS and a map, so you not only know where you are but also where are need to go. Always have water. And most of all, be sure you know just what you are getting yourself into. Beginning climbers and even those with a bit more experience may want to leave this one to the experts.

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