7 of the Most Scenic Hikes in Texas

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From the largest protected space of Chihuahuan desert to peaceful creek side views, there is a massive variety of scenery to be enjoyed along the hiking trails of Texas. Whether you’re looking for an escape right outside of the city, or a hike that could lead to a brief international get away, Texas has the trail for you!

1. South Rim at Big Bend National Park

Look down at the spectacular scenery of Big Bend, the largest protected area of diverse cactus and wildlife filled Chihuahuan desert topography, from the South Rim. Then cross into adjacent border town Boquillas del Carmen, to experience Mexico. A singing boatman rows you across the Rio Grande to explore destinations like Falcon’s restaurant and Boquillas Hot Springs. After checking foreign travel and a hike down the South Rim off your itinerary, stick around Big Bend. Due to an insanely low level of light pollution, you’ll likely have a clear view of stars, planets and the Milky Way band.

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