7 Reasons Why Men Cheat on Their Wives

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There is also a chance that your husband feels that he can do nothing right when it comes to you. So he seeks acceptance someplace else via an affair. I know this seems farfetched, but some people criticize each other without even knowing that they are hurting someone’s feelings. So think carefully, do you always keep complaining to your husband about everything he does or didn’t do.

Instead of criticizing him you could try to give better idea about how he can do something better. With this men are less likely to have an affair because you showed them better way of doing things. Secondly, if you think that criticizing him will change anything for better than you are wrong. It will only drive him away from you. Instead try talking to him and you might be surprised to see how close you two can be.


You might have heard the phrase “Curiosity killed the cat”, well this is somewhat in that reference. Almost 75% of men knew someone who cheated and so they begin to think that it’s okay to cheat. Something like “He did it, so why can’t I?” kind of thing. Now if this is the case, then try make it known that you don’t like the person who cheats. This can be done by telling him that you despise that person for cheating his wife. But remember don’t stop your husband from hanging out with his buddies who cheated directly. You may try telling him not to indirectly by showing him how much you dislike the guy.

Another thing that fits in curiosity criteria is that most men cheat with someone they know and that is the thing you might want to look out for. 38% of men cheated with woman they met at work. They gradually started talking to each other and then the sudden curiosity of how it would feel made him do it. So, if you suddenly notice your husband mentioning a female coworker more than he mentions any other worker then you should know that the thought has crossed his mind. If this is the case than you should just be careful about your husband working habits. Notice if there is any change in his patterns and talk to him what you feel.

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