8 Incredible Alternate Versions Of The Justice League

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7. Stan Lee’s Justice League

The Justice League has had the honor of being written by some of the best authors in the genre. Names like Grant Morrison, Geoff Johns, and Mark Waid have all lent their talents to the League. One writer some readers tend to forget wrote for the League is Stan Lee, co-creator of numerous Marvel Comics characters from Spider-Man to the Fantastic Four.

While it is common for writers to work for different publishers, Stan Lee’s choice to write for his “distinguished competition” was a big one. What wasn’t surprising was that Stan Lee, being a creator himself, chose to reimagine the Justice League in his own way.

In his “Just Imagine” universe, Lee used his love for alliteration to change Bruce Wayne into Wayne Williams, a former convict turned superhero. Diana Prince became an activist named Maria Mendoza, and Hal Jordan turned into Len Luis who gains his power from a mystical tree. His female version of The Flash, Mary Maxwell, was injected with hummingbird DNA instead of being hit by lightning, while his Superman arrives to earth as an adult.

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