8 Things Men Want In Relationship

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A man chose to express their affection through actions. Hence they like to be “heroes” to solve any difficulty that comes your way. In fact, before it becomes a difficulty, they prefer to intervene and help to distress you. For men it is like that they want their women to depend somewhat on them, else they feel that their woman thinks that he is weak. So, even if you are a very independent woman, but be a little dependent on your guy and often praise him that he is strong and he is your hero.


Men needs time for themselves and hence give them space. This is among the top reasons why men do not commit because they feel that their space will be snatched from them. They are looking for someone who respects their space. There is nothing more unpleasant for a man than couples who pursue all day and not give time to each other and freely enjoy their free time.

Whether they want to spend time with friends, play games on computer, play soccer, go jogging or just lie on the couch at home watching television, let them enjoy their free time. The men take much advantage of the moments when they can cultivate their individuality and once a man feels that a woman understands and lets him enjoy with friends too then he would commit his life with her.

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