8 Things Men Want In Relationship

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The opposite sex shows great appreciation for the affection given to them. With a massage on his feet or preparing favorite meal are just saying “I love you” with a letter or kiss is what a man wants in relationship. Not everything happens under the covers, but other small things like displaying your love is also very important. Tell your man that you admire him. With praise you win the favor of every man. Psychologists say that a man gets emotionally attached when they know how much their partner loves and admires them.


Respect is an important criteria for both men and women. If one of the partners shows no respect to other then this relationship will end soon. A girlfriend/wife who is not respecting his man is actually hurting him in heart. If your guy discovers that your behavior is not appropriate with him as a person, it is impossible for him to love you and keep you happy. He will then start find ways to end the relationship with you. Hence, respect is among the top things men want in relationship.


In a survey, most of the men agreed that they hate the most when their woman brings excess drama to the relationship. Drama can be in the form of either fights, excess complains, unnecessary jealousy or comparing your relationship with someone else relationship. Men complain that they don’t want lots of such drama because it gives them stress. So, it is best that you don’t always complain or remain angry with your partner because this will make your man doubt whether this relationship is good or bad for him.

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