9 Do’s and Don’ts for Mountain Biking With a Dog

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6. Don’t ride on crowded trails. Even though your dog is going to be under strict voice control, there is still a potential for conflict. For example, many owners whose dogs are off leash like to say, “it’s ok, he’s friendly” whenever their dog approaches another person or pet. But what if that person is allergic to dogs, like my son, or even just fearful of dogs? Or what if that leashed pet is not friendly, and your unleashed dog approaches? Even if your dog is as sweet as banana pudding, chances are not everyone on the trail is going to be stoked to see your pet running wild, so avoid places where there are a lot of other trail users.

7. Do make sure your dog is wearing a collar with tags that includes your contact information. It’s also a really good idea to have your pet microchipped if he or she is going to be spending a lot of time running around in the woods, since a collar could get lost or broken.

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