9 Ways To Make a Girl Interested In You

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Well no one likes to sit beside a person who stinks so just wear some cologne. But don’t go for something strong because that is just repellent and will drive the girl away. Go for something light and desirable.
Let’s say that you are a really good person at heart but you stink or your dress buttons are broken or you have something in your hair than there is no girl in the world that would even consider talking to you let alone be impressed by you because a guy who can’t even take care of himself then how is he going to take care of her? So being presentable or attractive is very important thing because it makes you desirable for a girl who wants to be with you.


If you have followed the above steps properly then you may be able to make the girl come near you so you can talk to her. And when that happens then you can continue the rhythm by further impressing the girl who is already a little bit into you as she is talking to you. So the next step is to focus on your personality and this is the step which helps you to ask the girl out.

Think before you speak is the most important step because this is the step in which you are either going to make the girl interested in you or lose her. The things you did in the previous step sets you apart from every other guy in the room and present you with the opportunity to ask the girl out but how to increase your chances to get a yes from the lady is what this step is all about. In this session, I am going to show how to please a lady with your charms and personality so much that she is compelled to say yes to you for a date.


Eye Contact is an important thing as you have just met the lady and you don’t want to come off as a pervert. One occasional glance at her boobs is fine because lets be mature we are guys after all but not more than once because no girl would like a guy who talks to her boobs more than her. Maintain eye contact but in a natural way which doesn’t make her uncomfortable but don’t stare at her just look at her normally.

A natural eye contact sends a message to a woman that you are interested in her and so she will start talking to you and if she doesn’t but she is returning your gaze then that is the signal for you to make a move. See eyes is all for signal if you are interested or not. And only the girl who is interested in you will meet your gaze and return it. Once you start talking then to maintain the eye contact.

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