9 Ways To Make a Girl Interested In You

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Humor and interest is the key to make a girl interested in you and winning her heart, but for now let us just win a first date. You don’t have to be Robin Williams or Jon Stewart type of comedian but you do have to make her laugh and make her feel good because that tells her that you at least have a good sense of humor. Sometimes there are guys who think they have a great sense of humor and they start talking and they never shut up. Shut up and let her speak for an instance and you listen to what she has to say and never interrupt when she is speaking even if you disagree. Just wait for her to finish and then you can speak your mind.

When you listen to her talking it tells her that you are not just interested in talking but also in listening to her talk which in short means you are interested in her. When it is clear that you are actually interested in her and her in you then it just prepares her for the main goal of the night which is, you asking her out. And remember never to lie even to impress her because when she discovers your lies then she will never trust you again.


Chivalry is the best part of the night as this is the part in which you really ask her and she answers in a positive manner. A little bit of chivalry can go a long way, trust me. Small things like opening doors and pulling a chair out for her makes her feel good about herself and it makes her respect you. Other things like walking on the outer edge of the road with her walking on the other side makes her feel safe with you and for bonus when you have your hand on the small of her back when walking into any room or in public makes her feel sexy and turns her on.

Things like these always make a girl want you more. But as you are meeting her for the first time then the least you can do is order her a drink, compliment her nicely, listen to her speak and at the end of the night when she says she is getting late or something like that and when she about to leave wondering if you are ever going to ask her out at that time you help her put her coat on and when she turn around and looks at you that is the perfect time to ask her out but be confident and please maintain eye contact. It is better to say something rather than asking her out bluntly like “I would like to do this again sometime, would you?”


The answer to that question can either be a yes or a no. And if it’s a “No” then just shrug it off and try again because everyone gets a no once in a while but you have to maintain your persona and if it is a yes than you can offer to catch her a cab or walk her home. Everything you did in all the above steps you have to continue for all the dating period too and more.

If the girls has said yes for a date then she is interested and impressed by you and you have to keep impressing her in order to have a successful relationship and that can only be done by not playing foolish games and asking foolish questions like “Why didn’t you returned my call?” or anything like that give her some space, get to know her better, be friendly with her friends, you never know when that might come in handy. Just a quick thing to tell is that impressing a girl for the first time is easy but maintaining that persona is tough and if you really like this girl than you should do everything it takes to be with her and that include be on time for dates because I know guys are lazy but boy get your butt up and get there on time.

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