Batman: 8 Incredibly Dark Joker Moments We’ll Never See On Screen

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7. The Death Of Sarah Essen Gordon

Those of you who’ve read Year One or seen its film adaptation will know that Captain James Gordon is temporarily blackmailed by the GCPD for starting an affair with his fellow officer Sarah Essen. Even though her departure during the series was mean to be self-contained, the character was brought back by Denny O’Neil and eventually marries the now-divorced Gordon. Despite this happy resolution, all good things unfortunately must come to an end. During the No Man’s Land story arc, a massive earthquake has nearly destroyed Gotham, turning its remains into an anarchic state. Though the Joker doesn’t appear much, he makes an emergence at the very end where he conspires to kill all of the Gotham babies to aid in the chaos. When Sarah arrives to intervene in his plan, he throws a newborn at her and shoots her while she’s focused on catching the child. Why It Won’t Be Done… If the picture above doesn’t tell you why it won’t be done, there’s little hope for you. It’s not the fact that filmmakers would have to use real babies to simulate the event (animatronics and CGI have been utilized a lot lately) – it’s the fact that, from an audience standpoint, you have a woman being shot in front of many kids with her blood spilling around them. The image of that alone would ease most away from trying to do it.

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