Believing These 15 Relationship Myths Could Keep You From Finding Love

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Dating has never been more difficult, and old school relationship rules no longer apply. If you’re like me, you may have fallen for certain myths about love and relationships in the past. The most common ones out there are also the worst ones to fall for, and believing in any of these could actually be keeping you from finding real, lasting love.


You should never, ever go into a relationship with a guy thinking you can change him, nor should you stay in a relationship hoping that he’ll suddenly turn a new leaf. If he started off the relationship being a rude jackass, he’s going to stay a rude jackass for as long as he’s with you. No amount of coaxing, begging, or cajoling will make a guy change his most basic attitudes and behavior.


It’s human nature to want to have sex, and there’s no specific amount of time you have to wait before it’s suddenly going to be “OK.” Besides, do you really want to wait to have sex, only to find out that that you’re sexually incompatible?

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